Vegan at Fred Meyer 1/16/16

Part of the reason I have been shopping less lately, is because we are planning on moving. We don’t know when or where exactly but we know it is in the near future. One of the worst things is moving large quantities of food. I’m trying to use up the bigger bags of stuff and make the most out of my pantry and fridge.

I came to a stand still last night when I wanted to try and make this vegan corn chowder but didn’t have onions. Onions are the life blood of home cooking. I had to go to the store.

I want to try tweaking my tater tot casserole recipe but needed tater tots and mixed veggies. The tater tots were only $1.59 with coupon.

Broccoli, carrots, and onions all had a $.25 Ibotta rebate. Plus, I had a $.50 off coupon for the organic carrots. This makes the net price on the carrots $1.04. I had some cheese sauce I needed to use, so lunch today will be Broccoli Cheese Soup.

Canned veggies were $.50 each in ad coupon. Created corn is for the chickens. I will mix it cayenne pepper and their food to help keep the worms away.

Organic bananas marked down to $.49 cents a pound.

Today I spent $19.45 and will get $.75 back from Ibotta. This should get us trough for a little bit and now I can make that corn chowder.

One thought on “Vegan at Fred Meyer 1/16/16

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